2023 Interior Autumn Trends


Awesome autumn trends for your home

Looking to add some extra comfort or wow factor to your home as you spend more time indoors during the cooler months? Then get inspired with Richard Grafton Interiors’ biggest trends for autumn 2023.

Autumn is a great time for home projects because people often have more spare time than in the summer months, the house is often empty during the day because the kids are back at school or university, and tired spaces can be rejuvenated in time for the Christmas holidays.

That’s why we have compiled our top interior picks for autumn 2023. From soothing earth tones to captivating statement glass, stylish silver and iron accents to versatile textured tiles, there are some awesome autumn trends for you to embrace and love.

At Richard Grafton Interiors, we can also work closely with you to create the home you’ve always dreamed of. We offer a complete interior design solution, from initial concepts and sourcing products, to crafting bespoke furniture and managing projects to completion.

  1. Earth tones Green bedroom with decorative headboard.

Earth tones come from all things nature-related: green moss, brown soil, yellow ochre, red clay and so much more. They continue to be an excellent choice around the home, and especially for the darker months, because of the feelings of calmness, comfort and safety that they evoke.

What’s also great about earthy shades is that there are many ways you can introduce them into a space you’re refurbishing. From sofas and soft furnishings, wall coverings to home accessories, the choice is yours.

At Richard Grafton Interiors, we think it looks especially chic when earth tones are paired with a modern style. For instance, the clean lines and sharp angles of a bedside lamp or headboard can look super stylish against a wall colour that reflects an element of nature.

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  1. Statement glass Glass chandelier in feathered design.

Glass, with its unique ability to capture and reflect light, has always been an essential element of modern interior design. And when glass is lifted beyond the ordinary and becomes a statement piece, it truly has the power to transform any room into a sophisticated, visually intriguing space.

One of the most impactful ways you can introduce statement glass into your home is through your lighting. Sculptural pendants, wall lights or chandeliers like the Murano glass feather chandelier opposite can add a big visual punch when they’re being used and when they’re turned off.

Other statement glass trends that are popular right now include fluted or reeded glass for cabinetry fronts in kitchens and shower screens in bathrooms. Antiqued mirrored glass on the walls can deliver a smoky, textured look that adds depth and character to any space. And glass home accessories that give off a vintage 1970s and 80s vibe are becoming increasingly favoured by interior designers.

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  1. Silver and iron accents Silver & Pink interiors.

Bronze, gold and copper have been the metals of choice for many years now, and although their enduring allure will always be in favour, it’s now the time for iron and silver to shine in your home.

One of silver’s celebrated features is its ability to combine seamlessly with other materials and add refinement to any style of interior. This is something you can take advantage of by accessorising a space with silver decorative elements such as lamps, candlesticks, vases or ornaments, or you could add silver accents through more prominent features, including wallpaper, soft furnishings or flooring.

Iron may not seem like an obvious metal to choose for many interiors but iron details on furniture like side tables, coffee tables, consoles and chairs is a huge trend right now. As well as looking great in an industrial-style space, iron accents can easily be incorporated into a classical, country or minimal style too.

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  1. Textured tiles Bathroom design with textured tiles.

Adding a bit of additional texture to the walls of a room is one of the best ways to finish it off in style, and one of the most striking ways you can do this for autumn 2023 and beyond is through the use of textured tiles.

From backsplashes to fireplaces, shower stalls to entire walls, textured and three-dimensional tiles can add an eye-catching sense of depth and movement to any surface.

And while you may think that tiles are only suitable for your kitchen, bathroom, utility room or hallway, using textured tiles can be a great way to give any room a stylish upgrade, including your bedroom, lounge and dining room.

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