Working from home? Ways to update your office space from RGI


As most of us are working from home, it has made us think about the importance of a productive work environment for concentration. Some days, we find it hard to remain motivated but if your home office looked the part we bet this would help!

68% of employees worldwide are already used to working from home or remotely. They will tell us how vital it is to have a dedicated space to be creative without distractions. As well as inspiring and developing, additionally, they also look good!

Whether you already have an entire home office or a small corner in your guest bedroom or loft space, we are here to provide you with some inspiration. Help improving your home office or even create a brand-new space in your home ready for home working.

Hidden storage

Ample storage in the form of hidden cabinets and shelving stops your desk from becoming cluttered. With the need for printers, files and paperwork it is important to invest in some drawers that can fit underneath your workspace. And organised shelving is a great way to hide larger electronic items. We can tailor a bespoke solution to your home office. Through spatial planning and clever design, we can draw and then make the perfect storage system like we did in this Victorian Residence.

Industrial Décor

If you are starting from scratch, it is a good idea to develop a theme which can run through the interior of your home office. Industrial office décor looks great and achieved by adding metal elements such as those from Buster & Punch. Also leaving brickwork or concrete exposed. Accessories like wire framed pendant lights add the finishing touches to this theme.

Source: Buster & Punch


Fitted Furniture

Made to measure desks, bookcases or cupboards may be a better option for a small home office to make sure you make the most of the space available. Our designers could even create a desk that folds away once you have finished your work – perfect for the minimalist as clutter is kept away. Matching units adds a stylish and thought-out finish to your home office, see example here. A retractable wall also gives you the option to add privacy or be open to the home, interchangeable dependent on your working desires.

Rejuvenating Colours

Natural sunlight, comfortable furniture and clean spaces are a good starting point for your home office. Colour is also an important thing to consider when decorating your home office. Check out our earlier blog post on paint colours here for more inspiration. With a well decorated space a creative freelancer or small business could hold meetings and forums from their own home with ease. As interior designers, our trained eye can pair colours, fabrics and wallpaper together in the best way. Calming botanicals from Osborne & Little or bold geometrics from Designers Guild – whatever you choose has to create an environment that promotes efficient work.


Whether in the form of artwork, fabric prints or even physical plants – did you know that plants can improve productivity and job satisfaction by 15%? This also means happiness is improved and your day-to-day stress is reduced. As well as this, they add oxygen to the air in your home! If plant maintenance isn’t your thing, our ‘Edited Collection’ has plenty of landscape and botanical framed prints. ‘Orchid Studies’ is a trilogy of monochrome floral drawings that would look fab on a wall in a home office.

If you’re looking to improve your home office space this year, whether it’s a small or large-scale interiors project, visit the Richard Grafton Interiors’ team in Harrogate, Ilkley or soon Wetherby for more advice and inspiration.