Welcoming Little Greene


We are happy to announce that you can now shop Little Greene products online via our partner website!

Who are Little Greene?

Little Greene are an independent, British paint manufacturer, who are particularly committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high-quality paints and wallpapers. The paints and wallpapers represent 300 years of decorative history and reference many key periods of interior design, from the 17th century to the late 20th century.

Their portfolio includes interior and exterior finishes, oil-based paints, floor paints and a signature range of hard- wearing, water-based ‘Intelligent Paints’, especially designed for today’s busy homes.

A bedroom painted with Little Greene Paints


If you’re looking for something eco-friendly then look no further than their environmentally friendly paints and wallpapers, They are amongst the highest quality available.

They use the finest natural, organic and safe synthetic pigments to ensure you still achieve superb depth of colour, high covering power and the long life expected from modern paints.

A lounge painted with Little Greene Paints

If you need any tips & tricks on anything paint related, head to our paint design guide for all the latest advice straight from our team of experienced designers.