RGI Accepts Local Gift Card


Richard Grafton Interiors now accepts Town & City Gift Cards in Ilkley and Harrogate!

The Gift Cards are a prepaid card managed on the Mastercard platform. Consumers will be able to buy the card pre-loaded with any value from £5 to £500 which can then be redeemed in a wide variety of participating shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and businesses in the associated town.

Reasons why?

1. Everyone loves local – two thirds of shoppers are now more likely to shop in their local communities than a year ago.

2. Free & easy for businesses to participate using the Mastercard platform.

3. Drives local spend – 65% overspend as well as motivating people to support local business, people will explore new places.

4. Engages local employers – 81% of companies offer non-cash awards to employees.


Fran Temperton of Richard Grafton Interiors in Ilkley says:

“The Gift Card is a welcome initiative to support our town’s economy. The recent Sunday Times article recognising Ilkley as the best place to live in the UK highlights the town’s energetic community spirit, and by actively buying an Ilkley Gift Card, it urges people to think local first evoking this loyalty to our community businesses. It’s a powerful way of unlocking spending potential and keeping that money in Ilkley so the more businesses sign up, the better the experience will be. We’re looking forward to accepting the Gift Card at Richard Grafton Interiors with the recipient able to choose from our wide portfolio of services and products.”

Buy your Gift Card here:

Ilkley Gift Card

Harrogate Gift Card

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