Our Recent Trip To Paris


We recently visited Maison et Objet in Paris, to spend some time sourcing for projects as well as for our showrooms. Whilst we were there we came across a few new inspiring, unique pieces and trends.

Here are some of our top trends that we saw whilst visiting. We cant wait for all of the new pieces to arrive across our three showrooms soon!

Monochromatic Interiors

Monochromatic interiors have been popular for quite some time and it looks like the trend is here to stay. When many of us think of monochrome we automatically assume black & white, but it translates to one colour.

So, this doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself to black & white throughout the room; you can fully explore this trend by using variations of any colour! Therefore you can still create a space that is filled with an eclectic charm while staying in the realm of minimalism.

Decedent Gold

Luxury and decadence are always present in interior design, and a warm shade like gold can really keep your home feeling bright and alive through the darker months. Consider metallic accessories, furniture, wallpaper designs or even gold hardware for a bold look.

Think Pink

Dusty pinks are massive this winter, creating the perfect balance between the warmth of winter reds and the sleek sophistication of cooler tones. Pinks work particularly well alongside metallic tones, deep browns, contemporary greys and darker natural hues, allowing you to create a statement focal point which is also modern and interesting.

Nature inspired finishes

This year trends have moved away from the more clinical designs to incorporate more natural-looking neutrals, for an organic contemporary look. Think wood grains, stoneware and marble, there being used across the board from furniture to decorative objects. The raw imperfect nature of these organic materials adds depth and intrigue.

Another take on this trend in Bone/ faux bone inlay which is making a huge come back this year in the form of side tables, consoles and accessories.