Maison et Objet 2020: Top Trends


We travelled to Maison et Objet in January, one of the leading trade shows for home and lifestyle interiors. Here the team have picked out some of the upcoming trends for 2020 which showcase a few of the fabulous new suppliers sourced during their visit.

Coloured Glass

As well as sourcing for current projects, we are always on the look out for unusual home accessories which will help to add those finishing touches to a client’s newly designed home. Coloured glass adds interest to cabinetry and shelving and can add a pop of colour to your interiors scheme, helping to tie in accent cushions and other decorative elements in the room. Look out for glass that is hand blown which makes the products heavy and of a high quality, like the below beautiful houses from Glass Remis which are stocked in our showrooms.


We have noticed an increased use of shagreen and faux shagreen in furniture and small accessories like trays and jewellery boxes. Shagreen is a type of natural hide, typically from shark or stingray however many are now using faux shagreen to combat the environmental and ethical issues traceability. We are excited to launch new faux shagreen furniture pieces including our handmade wardrobes in our Wetherby showroom opening late this month as well as the bedroom furniture which is made from shagreen glass, adding an element of luxury and sophistication to the roomset whilst also maintaining durability.

Layered Tables

Like in fashion, layering is always a key trend for interiors and furniture however it is important to ensure colour, size and height are taken into consideration when opting for this style to avoid a surface area which is too large to complement the room. We love combining multiple smaller pieces to create a key, focal point in a room. Natural materials such as wood and marble work well and offer an intriguing design when layered in a large living room. The mottled finish on these glass tables we sourced adds snippets of colour and luxury.

To see how you might be able to incorporate these trends into your home, visit our Ilkley or Harrogate showrooms for inspiration and talk to our team to get a wealth of ideas.