June Month Of Community – Leeds Charity Work


Shaun, our warehouse assistant has been working hard for the community and raising money for charity!

Warehouse Assistant Shaun

Here is what he has to say:

“Just before Christmas 2019, my father-in-law had an idea to raise £2000 for Deaf / Blind children in the Leeds area, which would be used for the purchase of Sensory equipment. As part of Rotary Club of Lower Wharfedale, this became his nominated charity for the year.

We started the process of raising awareness of the project, both with friends and family and the local community. Of course, the pandemic hit the project hard, but we persevered and gratefully accepted donations of items to sell, as well as raising money via a dress down day at my wife’s work, which raised in excess of £600. During the first half of 2020, with the dress down day and selling of donated items we managed to raise over £1000.”

The Wetherby News promoted the story in October 2020, which brought in additional donations both monetary and items to sell. This took the amount raised to nearly £4000.   Toy appeal for deaf and blind kids | Harrogate Advertiser

A follow-up article was published in January 2021, Toys for deaf and blind children appeal to reach £8k | Harrogate Advertiser

Over the course of 3 years we have sold items on Ebay, Facebook and Car boot sales in the York area. We are very proud to say we have now raised £10,219. We have purchased many sensory toys and equipment, and introduced a library of equipment, which parents can access as required. In addition, the money raised has purchased bespoke dolls from America, which are made specific for each child, and includes hearing aids, glasses and other medical aids.

The smile of Children’s faces when they receive their gift says it all.