Brand Of The Month: Graff


When designing a bathroom one of the major components is the brassware, we describe it as the jewellery of the bathroom. We work with a carefully handpicked small selection of brassware brands, one of which is the American company Graff.

Internationally recognized, Graff has built its reputation as an avant-garde manufacturer of exciting, trend-setting bathroom fixtures, bringing creativity and inspiration into many homes.

They quote;

“There is a point where style meets the essential values of life, where design and quality become a commitment.”

We are one of the few brands in the UK that sell Graff products to the public and it’s so popular due to the vast array of choice in regards to design style and range of options to suit any installation, even bespoke options to suit the most intricate installation.

What is the history of the brand?

Supported since 1922 by extensive plumbing and hardware manufacturing experience, Graff has positioned itself at the forefront of creating designer-based collections for the luxury market.

Over the years, Graff has used a combination of the latest manufacturing technology and traditional old-world craftsmanship skill to create cutting-edge, premium-quality collections in every product.

In 2010, to strengthen its market presence in Europe, Graff created a branch office in Florence, Italy and today, they continue to grow, testing and developing luxury bath collections.

Which are our favourite pieces at RGI?

For a modern contemporary look, we love Graff’s Mod+ collection, as seen in our main image. You can personalise this range with truly unique design clip features and changing the finish to suit your own taste.

However, for a softer more traditional feel, we lean more towards the Finezza collection, which our designers used in the project below and our Wetherby Showroom! The Finezza detailing is the perfect blend of grace and elegance due to its soft-edging and clean lines, which creates a relaxing bathroom environment.


With our bathrooms being lead, in respect to colour pallet, by one of our talented interior designers, using Graff means your brassware will complement your scheme, whether you wish to use Chrome, a more traditional polished Nickel or even a 24k Gold finish.

Here is a recent project, where we have used Graff Chrome fittings for the sink taps and shower heads and valves. Our designers have matched these fittings with the colour pallet perfectly, creating a calm and soothing feel to this bathroom. Moreover, we are confident that every Graff product we install will be working seamlessly in years to come due to their rigorous quality control and quality assurance. This put our clients for this project at ease, knowing their bathroom will be as good as new years down the line.

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Visit their website here: Graff Designs