Art Day Round Up at our Wetherby Showroom


On Friday, 21st June, we transformed our Wetherby showroom into a vibrant gallery space for our highly anticipated ‘Art Day’. This special event showcased the exceptional talents of two local Yorkshire artists, Linda Hollingshead and Jane Kitching, who brought their unique styles and creativity to our showroom.

We meticulously dressed and merchandised the showroom, creating a beautiful and inviting atmosphere that perfectly complemented the stunning original artwork on display. We thoughtfully placed each piece to highlight its beauty, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the intricate details and emotional depth of the artworks.

The Artists

Linda Hollingshead’s work, known for its bold use of color and dynamic compositions, brought a sense of energy and movement to the space. Her pieces, inspired by the natural beauty of Yorkshire, captured the essence of the landscape in a contemporary and expressive manner. In contrast, Jane Kitching’s art offered a more subtle and introspective view of the world. Her delicate brushwork and nuanced color palettes created a serene and contemplative ambiance, inviting viewers to pause and reflect.

We treated guests to delightful brownie bites from the local bakery Balterzens and served delicious freshly brewed coffee by Grind, adding to the overall experience of the event. Our showroom, set out like an apartment with a living and dining area at the front and a bedroom and bathroom at the back, was styled with our luxury home accessories. We curated the artwork pieces to anchor each room set, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

We received amazing feedback from our clients and were fortunate to have the artists bring some of their own clients to view the work and chat about their styles and techniques. It was a lovely summer day, with the sun shining and creativity flowing.

Linda Hollingshead shared her excitement, saying,

“I just had to tell you, that I called into the Wetherby showroom on Friday afternoon and, wow, I’m seriously blown away! Everything looks absolutely fantastic, staged with your expert eye for pattern, detail, and color. The difference in the bedroom is mind-blowing, and those pink cushions – just fabulous! Thank you so, so much. It’s like a match made in heaven. You’ve made this artist incredibly proud and thrilled! To see the paintings in an interior setting is the icing on the cake of the whole creative journey, from the land to the wall. I hope they are successful.”

We are incredibly grateful to Linda Hollingshead and Jane Kitching for sharing their extraordinary work with us and to everyone who attended and supported the event. The ‘Art Day’ was a true celebration of creativity, community, and the power of art to enhance our everyday lives.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and showcases at our Wetherby showroom!