Ben Bingham

CAD Designer and Design Assistant

As a recent Product Design graduate, class of 2017, I learnt an array of skills in which I have been able to utilise within the working environment. I previously worked as a furniture designer in Leeds where I gained experience in the manufacturing sector, whereby I was shortlisted as a finalist for the Young Manufacturer of the Year 2017.

I was keen to develop my knowledge in an environment which allowed my creativity to thrive, but most importantly, to work in a stimulating environment, with a likeminded, experienced team of people to learn from and where I could continuously develop my skills.

My current role at Richard Grafton Interiors is to work alongside the design team to deliver high quality designs, visuals and working drawings for clients whether it be a bathroom design, or a full house renovation.

One of the main aspects that appealed to me about working at RGI was the collaboration between interior architecture and design. Working on such a diverse range of projects is exciting and a great opportunity to learn and develop within an established creative brand with a great reputation for such high quality. I am lucky to be a part of a growing business in which I can truly showcase my passion for design.

Contemporary and modular design with modern elegance is my preferred style as I enjoy designing contemporary rooms or pieces, but my passion is really for any form of design. When out of the office I am always found either on my bike, as nature gives me inspiration that I can use within the workplace, or researching into the new trends in cycling world.

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