Andrew Freestone


I met Richard 5 years ago when we were working on the same property. I was installing a bespoke bathroom and he was working on the interior design. There was an obvious synergy with our approach and style and we realised then that together we could offer something special - the whole house solution.

My role as head of interior architecture involves designing and managing the installation of bathrooms and kitchens as well as cabinetry and other bespoke home interior solutions. I work collaboratively with the whole design team to create functional and elegant spaces. I am hugely inspired by my father, an engineer by trade who built everything in my family home from scratch. Creating bespoke pieces of furniture at 16 just came naturally to me and after studying 3D design at university I took on the role of Head of Manufacturing at a leading staircase designer and builder, where I gained invaluable experience working with a diverse range of building materials and design schemes.

I’m a big fan of Egyptian architecture and Spanish icons such as the Bilbao Guggenheim. My personal interior style is classic, contemporary and timeless. Our showroom reflects this style perfectly and is the style I choose for my own home. My favourite part of working with a new client is finding that vital piece of inspiration. Whether it's from throwing a load of Indian spices out on a table which we did do once for a lady looking for vibrant colours in her kitchen design, or a long walk on a Yorkshire spring day, or even if you're not quite sure what it is yet, my passion is in helping you find it and bring it to life.

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