Ashlea Woodman

Interior Designer

My interior design career started when I graduated with an interior architecture and design bachelor’s degree. I completed a commercial project straight after graduating, working on Blackpool Football Club when they were in the premier league and within that, the hotel and supporters bar. It was a great opportunity to learn the ropes and really apply my knowledge. I am a creative person, often doing oil paintings in my spare time. I wanted to be able to bring this aspect of my personality into a working environment and Richard Grafton Interiors really gives me the opportunity to do so.

After working within previous jobs such as a junior designer, I felt it important to advance my design career in an environment in which suited me, creatively. I was excited to work within a brand that allowed my creative flair to blossom and to really put my stamp on things. I wanted to be part of a brand that gave me the freedom to produce high quality, eclectic but dynamic ideas for clients and Richard Grafton Interiors certainly does that. I was excited to be working in a team that all shared the same passion for interior design and through their ambition, I am able to bounce ideas off them to create beautiful and unique interiors.

My role is to help clients on their journey to achieving everything they want their home to be, so it is important I get to know my clients and listen to them. It is vital to have a space that works and suits your lifestyle, whether its somewhere you relax, entertain, play, work, cook or sleep. We listen, design, guide and support our clients through their projects, building a solid relationship with them where they trust us to produce some spectacular schemes.

I love classic contemporary interiors, usually with a more neutral or softer palette bringing in more traditional aspects and pieces of furniture but I like playing around with quirkier modern pieces too. My creativity doesn’t stop there, I’m a foodie and love baking and trying out new flavour combinations.

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